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Besides the initial expense there are a few factors that you would need to consider before installing solar panels. For example, do you have enough roof space to house solar panels? Are there any obstructions blocking the panels from absorbing the natural daylight?

This is where we can help. We have a skilled and knowledgeable team that visits your property. They will help you determine the correct positioning; ensure your roof is strong enough and above all else put your mind at ease with your new investment.

What’s in it for me? I hear you ask. Within the first 4 months of the panels being installed you’ll see your electricity bill fall. Why? Because come rain or shine the solar panels are picking up the natural light source which generates power which in turn runs your home. Instead of draining power from the main supply you’re self-generating power, you’re becoming eco-friendly.

Below are our “Top 10 Tips”


With your mains supplier that they are a member of the Feed In Tariff scheme. Most energy companies are, but some of the smaller companies aren’t. If not you will need to change suppliers. This can take between 6 and 10 weeks to complete.

Single Phase or Three Phase supply

Most UK residential properties have an incoming single phase supply, this would mean that the maximum you are legally allowed to install is 4KW. A three phase supply would allow a maximum of 10KW. Should you wish to install more, permission must be granted by your DNO. The approval process can take up to 60 days.

How much energy do you use?

Knowing exactly what you use and what you’ll generate will help with budgeting and will also help us predict how much you’ll get on your return on investment. We can estimate, but having true figures will allow us to give you a more accurate figure.


Ideally solar panels should go on a south facing roof, but as long as the panels are not installed on a roof that is with 15° of North you will self generate electricity.


Under UK law the revenue earned on self generating solar electricity is non-taxable. What you must remember to do is provide your mains supplier with you generation meter readings. The payment will then be processed and sent directly to your nominated bank account


As certified installers we pay a premium to insure our work and protect your investment should the company go into administration, however, we strongly advise that you notify your buildings and contents insurer


Check the warranties issued by the manufacturers. Most panel manufacturer’s offer and 10 year manufacturer’s warranty but a 25 year linear performance guarantee. With the inverters (the exception being micro inverters) all inverters carry a minimum 5 year warranty with a chargeable extension

Life Span

Most solar panels will continue to produce electricity for atleast 30 years. Most panels are ‘self cleaning’ i.e. due to being manufactured from a glass type material and being on an angle, when rain water hits and debris will slide off. However, we do recommend when cleaning your gutters that you run the hosepipe over the panels

Is my roof ok?

As a home owner you would know if your roof is structurally sound. If you are in any doubt we would recommend having a builder out to check it over, however, don’t be fooled. If a few tiles are loose we can fix these whilst installing the panels. When we visit the property we will advise if we find any major problems

Payment / Ownership

The systems we offer are bought out systems, we do not offer a rent a roof scheme or the free panels. If you are considering a rent a roof scheme or the free panels please be advised the panels are not yours and you will not benefit from the feed in tariff. There are also complications should you come to sell your property. With our system you pay a £100 deposit and then the balance upon completion – the system is then yours, 100% no complications and no questions asked

4kW Fully Installed System

4kw – 385w mono panels
Online monitoring
Without battery storage
Fully installed
All paperwork and documentation


4kW Plus 4.8kW Storage

4kw – 385w mono panels
Online monitoring
Plus 4.8Kw battery storage
Fully installed
All paperwork and documentation


5kW Plus 4.8kW Storage

5kw – 385w mono panels
Online monitoring
Plus 4.8Kw battery storage
Fully installed
All paperwork and documentation



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