And the Survey Says….

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) Survey has revealed some very interesting statistics in relation to the public’s opinion towards renewable energy such as Solar PV.

It is suggested that almost 50% of all UK householders are actually living in damp and draughty homes, up to a quarter of those people are planning energy efficient solutions within the year. Solar PV Installations ranks above loft and wall insulation for the home, often referred to as an ideal energy efficiency improvement.

The general public opinion also shows that 60% are more willing to buy or rent property that already has microgeneration included, this shows that many people are waking up to the potential of renewable energy saving as an important part of our lives and our futures, the word is finally spreading about the benefits to individuals, to families and to the environment.

In terms of benefits the survey shows 60% would be more interested in installing Solar Panels or Heat Pumps were they to provide financial support for doing so, such as the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) respectively. Unfortunately this statistic along with the fact that 55% of people were unable to identify what the Feed in Tariff was shows us that we are not getting all the information regarding the benefits of renewable energy across to the public. With the massive increase in Solar PV installations over recent years, the more people learn about Solar and its viability, the more installations we’ll see.

Renewable energy is the way forward, Solar Power is an incredible use of a natural resource that provides only positive results the more you use.

The EST Survey also revealed that men and women do not share the same views in regards to renewable energy. Women choosing double glazing as a sufficient measure to take, while men preferring to choose renewable energy as a proactive measure.

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