what happens next

What happens next

At Contact Solar, we are a transparent company priding ourselves on outstanding customer service, coupled with exemplary solar installation quality. And as part of this, we like to inform our customers of what they can expect after their solar installation request.

Upon receipt of your instant quote request form, you will receive an email with a guideline price based on the information you have submitted. When you’ve submitted your request form, your details will be entered into our database.

Following your form submission, a Contact Solar advisor will get in touch with you to discuss your bespoke quotation, and to ensure the solar installation system you need meets your needs. Following the discussion, your dedicated advisor will email you an updated quotation. You will then receive a follow-up call to ensure you have received the quotation and answer your questions you may have.       

When you’re happy with your bespoke quote and you have confirmed you’d like to proceed, you’ll be sent an order confirmation email. Your details will then be passed through to our survey department and one of the team will call you to book your survey at a date and time of your convenience. 

Following the completion of the survey, your advisor will give you a call to discuss the report. If the survey has indicated there are changes required from the accepted quote, this will be discussed with you and an updated quote will be issued to you. 

The next step will be to arrange for scaffold to be put up at your property, and a date and time will be discussed with you when booking this. Once the scaffold has been erected, an installation date will be provided and again, this will be at your convenience. 

After successful completion of your solar installation, payment will be taken and you will be issued all of the relevant paperwork for your brand new solar PV system.

If you have any queries following your completed solar installation, you can contact one of the dedicated support team at any time.

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