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Photovoltaics or PV is a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity to power your home.

Many people around the nation are living with the benefits that photovoltaic panel installation is creating. The panels might be a green way of living, but when all said and done it is the financial gain to consumers that is the main attraction.

Solar panel installation in Leicester was once expensive and not affordable realistically for many home owners, today the cost has dropped significantly and people are paying as little as £5000 up to £8000 depending on the panels they are hoping to have installed. Looking at one area, for instance, Solar panels Leicester has been recorded to save customers up to £900 per year depending on the type of panels they have installed, the more sensitive and expensive the panels the more savings one can expect to receive. There are also many schemes from the government that act as incentives, for instance the ‘feed-in-Tariff’ this allows for the government to pay you for the electricity you store. It is a secured scheme that will last for 20 years after purchase of the solar panels.

What home owners can expect from solar panel installers in Leicester is efficiency, professionalism, experienced tradesmen and reliability. There are many companies that have seen the rise in demand for solar panels and have jumped with the attention though they might not be as experienced as they want you to believe. There has been a rise in demand for the panels and coinciding with this has been a huge reduction on the cost of the panels, this is why many home owners are now considering having the panels installed, and because the energy companies seem to be rising their costs each quarter it is saving many homes hundreds of pounds each year.

Here at contact solar we believe that people buy from people, and we understand that the investment you are about to make is not just for today, it’s for tomorrow and the next 20 years.

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