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Solar panels cost is often the first thing many home owners look at when they are thinking of solar panel installation, many people are still under the miss conception that solar panels are going to cost a small fortune, once over people would pay up to £15000 for the installation, today however, the story couldn’t be more different, with panels costing in the region of £6500 – £8000 depending on which panels one chooses, please take note that these are average prices that are available for solar panels Oxfordshire. Prices vary depending on where in the UK one resides.

Solar panel installers in Oxfordshire are the same as any other in the country; certified, experienced, knowledgeable, professional and efficient. They should be able to do a complete job in an average time scale of 2-3 days with no complications. There are 8 steps that an efficient team will follow and these are; erecting the scaffolding, fitting the roof anchors, attaching the frames, installing the panels, wiring the panels on the roof, wiring the panels to the inverter, completing the installation in the home and finally commissioning the system.

There are many financial benefits to having the panels installed, as they can reduce house hold energy bills significantly, so much so that within 7 years the panels will have paid for themselves and anything thereafter is savings, there are also many feed-in schemes available for one to join, these scheme allow for any over access energy stored to be transferred on to a government circuit and homes receive an annual financial payment for the sold energy. These types of schemes are secured for 20 years, and when receiving anything up to £550 annually this can mount up significantly, especially when taking into account the savings on energy bills.

Here at contact solar we believe that people buy from people, and we understand that the investment you are about to make is not just for today, it’s for tomorrow and the next 20 years.

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