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Refer a Friend to Contact Solar and Share £1,000

At Contact Solar, we believe that renewable energy is the future. We are dedicated to helping as many households as possible to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money on their electricity bills. Our aim is to make the UK a greener place – one solar PV system at a time.

That’s why we’ve introduced a solar panel referral scheme. As an existing Contact Solar customer, every time you successfully refer someone to us, you’ll share a £1,000 reward. They’ll get a £500 discount on their new solar PV system, and you’ll receive £500 cash!

So, if you’re passionate about green energy and are happy with your new solar PV system, start spreading the word today. Contact us if you haven’t yet received a link to sign up to our referral scheme.

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How It Works

Wondering how our solar panel referral scheme works? It couldn’t be simpler:

Step 1:
Share Your Referral Link

Share your personal referral link with a friend. This will prompt them to sign up and enter their contact details. One of our sales advisors will then give them a call.

Step 2:
Friend Receives a Quote

Following the call, we’ll send your friend a free, no-obligation quote for a custom solar PV system. They will automatically receive a £500 discount* for being referred by an existing customer.

Step 3:
Claim Your £500 Reward

If they choose to proceed with the quote, you will be notified that you have had a successful sign-up. After the installation is complete, we’ll send you a £500 cash reward!

*Please note: referees are eligible for £500 off the cost of a solar PV system at full price. The referral discount cannot be combined with any other deals, discounts or concessions.


Once your solar PV system is installed, you’ll be eligible to start making referrals straight away. We will provide you with details on how to sign up to the Contact Solar Referral Factory. This will generate a unique referral link and QR code which you can copy and share with your friends.

When someone uses your personal link, our advisors will be able to see that you referred them. This will trigger an automatic £500 discount on their solar system – and a £500 cash reward for you if they become a customer.

When someone you referred places an order for a new solar PV system, you will be notified that they signed up. We never take deposits on residential solar PV installations, so you will receive your referral reward after their system has been fitted. As soon as they confirm completion and make payment in full, we will send you a cheque for £500.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make – so share your link with as many people as you like! You’ll receive a £500 reward for every person you refer who goes on to become a Contact Solar customer. That means if you successfully refer 5 people, you’ll earn a total of £2,500.

Refer enough friends, relatives and co-workers and you could even make back the full cost of your own solar PV system! Not to mention, with every solar PV installation, you’ll be helping to make the world a greener place to live.

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Contact Solar have helped thousands of UK households and businesses make the switch to renewable energy. We know that this investment will save you money for years to come, and we are dedicated to helping you make the right choices.

Our expert solar panel installers have 10+ years’ industry expertise and are fully MCS and HIES certified. As evidenced by our 5-star Google and Trustpilot ratings, we have built a reputation for our reliable products, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service.

Are you ready to start saving money on your energy bills with a custom solar PV system? Get in touch with Contact Solar today. Call our friendly advisors on 0800 201 4527 or click the button below for a free quote!

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