Solar panel installers Ashford Kent

Our Solar Panel installers Ashford Kent

At Contact Solar, we specialise in solar panels and battery storage and have been installing a variety of domestic and commercial solar PV systems since 2012. Our solar panel installers in Ashford Kent are MCS accredited and offer only the highest standard installation procedure for your new solar PV system. 

Providing impeccable customer service is our utmost priority, and you’ll receive nothing but the best advice from our in-house technical support team. Our experts will ensure you understand your new solar panel system, so you can get the best returns on investment.

Commercial Solar Panel Installers Ashford Kent

Solar panel installations in Ashford are becoming increasingly popular across the commercial sector due to the many benefits they bring. With savings on electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint and an improved brand image, it’s no wonder so many commercial organisations are taking advantage of our solar services.

It’s important to ensure your solar panel installers in Ashford are fully certified, up to date with all current regulations and confident with their services. At Contact Solar, you can be sure our expert team meets these high standards. They’ll work with you from start to finish and ensure your solar system meets your needs for a strong return on investment.

Domestic Solar Panel Installers Ashford Kent

Domestic solar panels are also becoming increasingly popular with households. Not only are they beneficial for financial aspects, but environmental aspects also. The main attraction of domestic solar panels is the financial aid they contribute. Many see a huge reduction in their electricity bills, along with low maintenance costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our friendly solar panel installers, Ashford Kent will design a high-quality solar PV system that suits your needs and will fit your roof comfortably. Our accredited domestic solar panel installers in Ashford will provide you with a streamlined installation process, and when installed, your new solar panels will instantly start to store natural energy for your home.

Why choose us as your solar panel installers in Kent?

Here at Contact Solar, we believe that people buy from people, and we understand that the investment you are about to make is not just for today, it’s for tomorrow and the next 20 years.

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