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Solar panel installation is becoming increasingly more popular, they are showing up on homes all over the country, and not only on new builds that are more ecological but on many existing properties. Solar panels for home are an option and modification that people doing to save money in the long run when it comes to energy bills.

The initial Solar panels cost is not as much as many people think, with many grants available from the government and interest free payment plans they are very affordable. When solar panels first started to make an appearance on homes, initially they were expensive, when one compares prices from 2010 to today in 2015 there has been a 60% reduction in most areas whilst energy bills are on the constant rise.

Solar panels Yorkshire are on the rise since 2010 solar panel installers in Yorkshire have busy and have seen an increase in people requesting quotes, and having PV panels installed, not only at home but also on many commercial properties. Photovoltaic panel installation, otherwise known as PV, usually has a waiting list of a couple of weeks. PV panels, or cells, are made of layers of self-conducting material, obstructing heat and light from the sun and day time they store the energy that is then used throughout the home all year through. Many people are under the misconception that winter months will not be cost efficient, this is not the case as the panels will still collect energy and top up the usage from the summers collections.

Panels are made to fit each individual property, they are created to the needs of the buyer, the bigger the property and the more electricity used, the stronger and more panels one will require, there are different gradients of panels and they come at different prices, obviously the more sensitive panels that collect the most energy are slightly more expensive, however there isn’t much in the pricing in comparison to the savings one can make over an annual basis.

Here at contact solar we believe that people buy from people, and we understand that the investment you are about to make is not just for today, it’s for tomorrow and the next 20 years.

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