Quote Terms & Conditions

Timetable of Works

Should you choose to accept our quotation, your sales consultant will send you a confirmation email accompanied by a signature request. By signing, you formally confirm your agreement of the price stated in the order form.

The subsequent stage involves coordinating a survey. A member of the Contact Solar team will get in touch with you to mutually determine a suitable date for visiting your location to take precise measurements. After the survey is concluded, you will receive a follow-up call. If any modifications to the quotation are necessary, these will be provided.

Our installation team will then collaborate with you to set a convenient commencement date for the installation process. Our aim is to complete all installations within five business days. However, in certain cases, an additional visit may be necessary. If so, we will endeavour to revisit and complete the installation as swiftly as possible.

If the installation requires scaffolding, a team member will reach out to you prior to the scheduled installation date to make suitable arrangements. The scaffold will remain in place for 7-10 days after the installation to facilitate any maintenance that may be required in case of any issues.

We typically do not commence work during the ‘cooling off’ (cancellation) period. Should you wish us to do so, you will need to complete the Express Request Form and return it to us. If you opt for this course of action and subsequently decide to cancel the installation, you will be responsible for covering the costs incurred by us for any work carried out and materials acquired up to that point.


The provided quotation assumes that the installation of your system will proceed without any interruptions. In the event that circumstances beyond our control lead to a disruption in the installation process, we will engage in a discussion with you to address the implications and potential delays.

Should you opt to make alterations to the agreed-upon installation during or after the ‘cooling off’ period, we will prepare a revised comprehensive quotation to account for these modifications. However, please be aware that we retain the right to apply additional charges for costs incurred due to these changes. Should you request changes after the installation has commenced, we will provide you with a breakdown of the associated costs. Please note that any changes you wish to make to the installation after you have confirmed its completion will result in costs that you are liable for.

If, during the installation process, we encounter unforeseeable circumstances that could not reasonably have been anticipated, such as the need for remedial electrical or building work, we will initiate a discussion with you to outline the implications and costs required to address the issue.

If your ridge tiles must be removed as part of the installation process, it will be your responsibility as the customer to arrange for the replacement of these tiles. Contact Solar cannot be held liable for any property damage while you await the replacement of these tiles.

The Quotation

The quotation we have provided is valid for a duration of 30 days, beginning from the date of issue. To confirm your order, you are required to sign the order form. Please note that a contractual agreement will only be established once we have confirmed the order with you.

The quotation provided includes a comprehensive list of all proposed goods and services, along with a total price that covers both the goods and installation, inclusive of VAT. While we will offer guidance on any necessary approvals and permissions needed for the work, it remains your responsibility to ensure that these requirements are fulfilled. Any associated costs incurred for these approvals will be your responsibility as the customer.

Any images included in the quotation are provided solely for illustrative purposes. The actual products ordered may differ in appearance. No refunds will be offered for any products not matching the product image enclosed in the quotation. Panel discolouration is possible; Contact Solar will not be involved in replacing panels that exhibit discolouration. It cannot be guaranteed that all solar panels used within your installation will be matching in colour.

The quotation incorporates details regarding the estimated performance of the proposed installation. These performance estimates are formulated in accordance with the stipulations of the appropriate MCS Standard. If there are specific services or equipment items that are customarily included but you have requested their exclusion, these exceptions will be documented within the quotation.

Contact Solar provides a price match guarantee, contingent upon the following conditions: The complete unaltered PDF version of the alternative company’s quote must be submitted. The quote should be from within the last 14 days, and the terms of payment must align with those of Contact Solar.

Regarding the Sunsynk, SolaX and Solis 16 Amp inverters quoted, please note that unless stated otherwise, a maximum capacity of 3.6kWh AC of power will be supplied to the property. This is why clipping is included in the quotation.

The estimated total return on investment calculation factors in a deduction of £4000. This deduction is intended to account for potential replacement batteries and inverters that may be required over the course of the 25-year period once warranties have expired.

Some key technical details to note include:

  • Depth of Discharge (DOD) – this is a factory-set parameter for solar industry batteries. The manufacturer presets the DOD at 80% to extend battery lifespan, resulting in the battery retaining 20% of its capacity.
  • Solar inverter output (G98) – solar industry inverters adhere to a 3.68kW regulation unless the customer holds a G99 acceptance letter. Solar energy from panels, when processed through the inverter, is capped at 3.68kW; any excess feeds into the battery, contingent upon available capacity. The maximum output from the inverter to the property permitted through a G98 approved inverter at any given time is 3.68kW.
  • Shading – solar panels are connected in circuits known as MPPTs. Inverters can have multiple MPPTs with the panels wired in series. If a shadow falls onto a panel it will not only reduce the output of the panel in shade but also the other panels in the same circuit. By installing an optimiser to the panel(s) in shade, all other panels in the circuit can perform to their maximum.
  • Trickle Charge – when a battery charges through a Hybrid unit, a minor amount of AC power is required, typically around 40W.

Planning Considerations and Building Control

In cases where the intended installation site falls within a conservation area, a national park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it may be necessary to obtain planning permission. Planning permission may also be required if the property is classified as a listed building. In such situations, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact their local planning authority.

While we are committed to assisting you in securing any necessary permissions, we cannot be held responsible for installations that proceed without the required planning permissions in place. No refunds will be provided in such cases. Following the completion of the installation and upon receipt of payment, Contact Solar will provide you with a handover pack containing all the necessary documentation for your installation.

Structural Issues

As per the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) guidelines, in cases where uncertainty arises regarding the structural soundness of the building, it is recommended that the customer consults a structural engineer. Contact Solar will perform an assessment of suitability based solely on visual inspection. The responsibility for confirming that the roof’s condition is appropriate for solar panel installation rests with you, the customer. 

Should any visual concerns arise, we will initiate communication with you to discuss the possibility of involving a qualified professional. Any associated costs will be your responsibility. We will liaise with you to reach a mutually agreed decision in written form.

In the context of flat roof installations, it is the customer’s duty to ensure that the roof’s structural integrity in terms of load-bearing capacity, snow load and wind resistance has been thoroughly addressed prior to installation. Contact Solar cannot be held liable for any issues arising following installation on a flat roof.

The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme

We are a member of HIES. This document has been prepared in accordance with its Code of Practice. The code can be viewed in full at https://www.hiesscheme.org.uk/code-practice/

The Installation

The installation will be carried out in strict adherence with the relevant MCS Standard for the technology, along with any documents referenced within that standard. Furthermore, we commit to fulfilling all obligations outlined in the HIES Code of Practice. The goods we provide will be of satisfactory quality and suitability for their intended purpose. They will operate as described in our communication with you. We will have suitable insurance in place to cover any losses or damages arising from our actions.

Normal services such as restroom facilities, washing facilities, water supply and electricity must be made available to us without charge during the installation process. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure safe and convenient access to the installation area. Please note that customers are not permitted use of any equipment belonging to Contact Solar, including ladders, scaffolding and tools.

If any of the quoted equipment is unavailable on the day of installation, Contact Solar will provide a comparable alternative. The decision to accept the substitute product lies with the customer. No refunds will be given for out-of-stock items or delays caused by stock availability.

Any preparatory work carried out by you or a third party under your employ should align with the agreed installation start date. Failure to complete such work, resulting in a subsequent delay, may render you liable for any costs incurred due to the delay.

The solar PV system will be commissioned in accordance with MCS installation standards, guaranteeing safety, alignment with the system design and compliance with documented procedures and manufacturer requirements.

When determining the placement of batteries, please note that the temperature of lithium-ion batteries may influence the battery charge rate. In colder temperatures, lithium-ion batteries may halt charging and discharging. The temperature of the batteries must exceed 12.5 degrees to charge and discharge at their full capacity.

Any warranties will be provided through the manufacturer. The terms of these warranties will be provided in writing along with a verbal explanation. Registering these warranties is your responsibility as the customer.

Within 14 working days of receiving payment for the installation and your signed documents, we will deliver all necessary documentation as outlined in the relevant Microgeneration Installation Standard.

Prior to installing your solar PV system, your energy supplier must fit a Two Pole Isolator. This may entail a charge from your energy supplier. Proper bonding and earthing must be in place before the installation date. If these are not in place upon the arrival of the installation team, an additional charge will apply.

Payment For System 

Payment will be requested upon the successful completion of the solar installation. Full payment will be required prior to the departure of our installation team from your property. In cases where we have mutually agreed to conduct roof and electrical work separately, a payment amounting to half of the quoted total will become due upon completion of both visits. If you opt for payment via bank transfer, it is your responsibility to acquire the company’s bank details ahead of the installation. For all limited companies, the full balance must be settled prior to the commencement of the installation. Deposits will be necessary for all offers to secure your booking.

Please note that Contact Solar cannot assume responsibility for any complications related to scaffolding. Therefore, withholding payments due to scaffolding issues is not permissible. Similarly, payments cannot be withheld due to difficulties in setting up the internet connection to the inverter. The internet setup is an additional feature and is the customer’s responsibility. Additionally, any minor roof repair work that may be required cannot serve as a reason to withhold payment.

Data Protection

We will manage individual information in compliance with data protection regulations. Information will not be shared with any third party without obtaining permission as stipulated by the Data Protection Act 2018. Please note that we may monitor and document communications, including phone calls and emails, as part of our operations.


Should we cause any damage, either to installed equipment or to your property, we will rectify such damage without charge to you. Products are covered by manufacturers’ warranties. Should any issues arise with the installed system, please contact us in the first instance. If any fault is found and you are within your warranty, these will be replaced free of charge and only a labour charge shall apply. Contact Solar cannot be responsible for any loss of generation while awaiting a replacement.

We will repair or replace faulty materials free of charge for the first year after the installation. Thereafter, all materials supplied are covered by the manufacturer’s own warranties, and a labour charge for the repair may also apply. If we cause any damage to your property as a result of the installation, please contact us in the first instance. If any damage is found and you are within your warranty, this will be rectified in line with the HIES two-year workmanship warranty.


We recommend that you notify your property insurance provider of the intended installation to assess any potential impact on your premium. As a member of HIES, we are required to hold suitable insurance to cover potential third-party damages that may arise from our involvement in providing you with a small-scale energy generator.

Additional Extras

If you opt for any supplementary add-ons alongside the system, please note that these extras hold no monetary value. No discount or refund will be provided for unsuccessful installations of these additional items. Should you wish us to install these extras at a later date, a labour fee will apply.

If you choose the Solar iBoost as an optional extra, it is your responsibility to verify that the immersion is on an independent circuit. This check will not take place during the survey. Refunds will not be given for any unsuccessful iBoost installations, and the overall system cost will not be discounted.

For systems compatible with monitoring apps, our installation team will make every effort to configure the internet connection during the installation. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with the customer. If the setup cannot be accomplished by our team, you will need connect the system to the property WiFi yourself. A functional WiFi connection on the 2.4GHz band is necessary for both your inverter and dongle to communicate with the property router. The WiFi signal must also be strong enough to reach the inverter’s chosen location, which is also your responsibility. No deductions can be made for unsuccessful internet setup or for the inability to connect the dongle to a functional WiFi network. Please note that we do not provide WiFi connections. In the event of a disconnection, it is the customer’s responsibility to reconnect. We can provide on-site assistance for reconnection at an additional cost.

To ensure the system’s optimal performance, firmware updates must be applied to the inverter. A WiFi connection is essential for conducting firmware updates. It is your responsibility to ensure that the latest firmware is installed on your system.

If scaffolding is required for any installation, Contact Solar will cover costs up to £400. However, any extra expenses will need to be covered by the customer. This will be discussed prior to the erection of the scaffold.

The quotation assumes that a SMETS 2 smart meter is already installed at the property. Contact Solar cannot be held responsible for any delays in smart meter installation. The responsibility for organising the smart meter installation lies with the customer.

Upon acceptance of the quotation and completion of the survey at your property, and once the ‘cooling off’ period has elapsed, you will be liable for a £250 fee to cover survey costs if the contract with Contact Solar is cancelled. Any revisits not stemming from workmanship or equipment faults will incur a revisit charge of £250. Please note that we retain the right to adjust this cost in accordance with the HIES Code of Practice.

Quote Assumptions

[Please note: the energy supplier, tariff, rates and estimates provided here are examples only. We may utilise a different supplier or tariff when calculating your projected savings depending on your battery storage system, energy usage and other factors. Please refer to your bespoke quotation for details.]

We will provide you with a handover pack containing all certificates and documents required for potential export tariff application. However, organising the application for the export tariff rests with you. To be eligible for the export tariff, a functional smart meter is required, and arranging for its installation is also your responsibility. It is advisable to verify beforehand if you are eligible for the export tariff. Contact Solar accept no responsibility for the export tariff.

The estimated figures on the Return On Investment page are contingent on your possession of a functional Smart Meter 2, a functional WiFi connection to the inverter and a split rate tariff. You are advised to perform monthly checks on the system to ensure ongoing generation. Please note that Contact Solar cannot be held liable for any instances of missed or lost generation, and we do not provide compensation for such occurrences.

All numerical values stated in the quotation are approximations and are subject to fluctuations due to the volatile nature of electricity market prices. These estimates are based on the [Octopus Go] tariff and are illustrative. Given the battery’s 80% depth of discharge, these calculations are based on the addition of 4kWh of charge to your batteries within a 24-hour period at night during the cheaper rate. The energy purchase cost to charge the batteries at night is estimated at [12]p per kWh, leading to a potential saving of [29.63]p per kWh. The example calculation based on [Octopus]’s rates on [October 17th 2022], with day and night rates of [41.63]p and [12]p respectively, results in a saving of [29.63]p per unit. This equates to £[1.19] per day and £[434.35] in year one if daily battery charging and discharging are undertaken. These calculations are approximations and cannot be regarded as precise figures. Additionally, a functional WiFi connection to your inverter is necessary for this tariff. It is recommended that you carefully review the Terms and Conditions of various electricity providers. We are unable to advise you on the specific company to select.

Our projected savings table is based on the assumption of switching to [Octopus Energy]. Please refer to complete details and terms regarding switching providers. While other energy companies are available, we have utilised [Octopus]’s rates in this instance to maximise potential savings based on your battery storage system. The savings are contingent on the tariff’s availability throughout the quoted duration. However, the tariff may undergo upward or downward fluctuations.

Usage figures specified in the quotation are approximations based on the customer’s provided annual generation. If you are unable to provide an estimated annual usage, Contact Solar will use 4500kWh as the annual household usage. This figure is derived from the assumption that you occupy the property for 50% of the year. The return on investment figure is an approximation and should be interpreted as such.

EV Chargers

If you own or charge a BMW EV at your property, please highlight this to our team prior to the installation. Charging issues have been reported which are currently under investigation.

If you own a Pod Point charger, after the completion of the installation you will be required to contact Pod Point to request a firmware update to be run on the charger.

Incoming Supply Meter

If you have a Landis and Gyr Smart Meter, please monitor your data usage after the installation. If any phantom import is recorded by your smart meter in-home display, please provide a photograph of your inverter display with your in-home display to [email protected] stating “Landis and Gyr E470 Phantom Import”.

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