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How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further – Part 2

Continuing our theme of making your solar pv installation go further, we’ll now take a look at the additional products that you can see on our website and are also mention in the back of our quote pack.

Our first focal product is the Voltage Optimiser. The VPhase VX1 works by conducting and essentially compressing the voltage of the electricity that enters your property. This in turn decreases the amount of electricity that your appliances need to work THEREFORE decreasing your overall electricity usage and ultimately your bill. It has been said that by installing a voltage optimiser you can save an extra 10% on your electricity bills. Business have been compressing their electricity for almost a decade, but the use of voltage optimisers has only become available in the last 12-18 months. The VPhase VX1 is available from Contact-Solar at a cost of £575.00, this can be installed free of charge by our electrician when we install your solar panels or you can purchase this at a later date and have this retro-fit by another qualified electrician.

Our second stop off is the Solar iBoost. This would only be applicable if you have a hot water storage tank / immersion heater. The Solar iBoost is a simple device that transmits the additional electricity (normally sent back to the grid) to your immersion heater which in turn helps keep the water to temperature. But, I hear you ask, if I’m not sending electricity back the grid I’m not going to get my export payment? Incorrect! Because the grid cannot measure how much electricity is being used or sent back to the grid it is always estimated that you send 50% of what you’ve generated back to grid, so effectively, it is more beneficial for you to use what you generate as in the long term this will save you the most money.

Tune in tomorrow to have a look at our final instalment of “How To Make Your Solar PV System Go Further”.

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