MCS Certified Solar Panels

People know all about MCS Solar panels but generally, they don’t know the process that takes place after the fit. This is my job; the first registration that takes place is MCS which is the most important. This registers your solar panels and gives you a unique MCS number or MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) number which you will need when applying for the feed-in tariff, you can also find this number on your electricity bills and it is often referred to as a supply number. The second registration is on Benchmark, this is for the building regulations and you must notify them as part of the electrical work you will receive a certificate to keep for your records this will also detail how many panels, the panel type, and the inverter. The final registration is our own warranty company called QANW; we register with these which gives the customer a 10-year insurance.

After the system is all registered I will then move on to the customer welcome pack this consists of the FIT form which is the feed-in tariff form this is usually the most important document to the customer as it is how they will receive their money back. With this I will send a copy of the MCS Certificate, Benchmark Certificate, and the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) this is usually done before the installation and you must gain a grade A-D to qualify for the feed-in tariff. They are the main documents that need to be sent with the application for the feed-in tariff there will be other personal documents such as electricity bills, a form of ID, and the final invoice of payment for your solar panel system that need to be sent.

The final process is to register with the DNO (District Network Operator) this registers the inverter and is a simple process of filling out their form and sending a data sheet and electrical diagram.

All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the benefits of your solar PV installation.

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