Size v Pay-Out

Solar PV isn’t just for domestic use it can also be used for business purposes too. Traditionally, a residential installation is restricted to a maximum of 4KW – using a single incoming mains supply. With business properties, providing there is an incoming three phase supply you can install a whopping 10KW to your roof. This of course can be extended further by applying to your local District Network Operator (DNO for short).

One company that is hitting the headlines is Center Parcs. They have taken a massive leap forward to becoming more green by installing a huge 50KW system to their head office in Nottinghamshire, this is reportedly said to save more than 21 tonnes of CO2.

Making the decision to install Solar PV to any property comes with a whole host of questions and decisions. It is for that reason that Contact-Solar make things easier for you. We do our best to explain things in the simplest of terms without throwing complicated technical jargon at you.

One of the main questions, in this instance, is where the cost v payout balances out. We all know about the feed in tariff and the export payment but what we don’t know is that the greater the size of the system, the less you’re paid for what you generate. For example, a system of 10KW or more you would receive a feed in tariff rate of 11.7p per KW/h, a system size of 50KW to 100KW would receive a feed in tariff payment of 9.9p per KW/h.

With the feed in tariff constantly being reviewed and the possibility of it disappearing in the near future for new connections now is the perfect time for all owners – residential or commercial – to get connected.

For more information or for a tailored quotation speak with one of our Renewables Advisors on 0800 201 4527.

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