Solar Panel Need-To-Knows

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In this blog we are explaining all you need to know about solar panels to give you that peace of mind if you are interested in joining the solar community.

Solar power is all about daylight, not sunshine, so panels can still generate some electricity on dull and cloudy days.

But, before you rush into ordering your new solar panels, have a good read of these important key pointers.

Now is the time to buy solar panels

If you invest in solar panels, you get paid a ‘feed-in-tariff’ for the energy generated, even if you use it yourself. The tariff you get relies upon when your panels are completely fitted and registered. As soon as that’s done, your rates secured and guaranteed for 20years. Every so often, the Government reduces this tariff and the next cut is on the 1st April. We recommend you look into this now!

Do I need a south-facing roof?

You normally need a roof that faces approx. within 45degrees south, without shade from other homes/buildings or trees. The roof should be unshaded between the hours of 10am and 4pm. If your roof doesn’t fit this as standard, you may not be capable of getting maximum payments with solar panels.

Electricity bill savings

It is estimated by the Energy Saving Trust, that a regular 4kWp system can deduct £125 off a household bill every year. Electricity costs are expected to grow immensely over the next 20 years, that means the amount you save would too.

Panel costs are lower in price!

The Government may have cut fees for generating electricity, but the cost of an ordinary solar panel formation, together with the installation has dropped to around £5600 (4kWp.) A system at this capacity used to cost between £10,000 and £12,000!

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