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One of the most eco-friendly ways of powering devices is through the sun, whether that be via solar panels or just simple heating….So we thought in today’s blog it would be fun to take a look at some of the coolest solar powered gadgets from around the world, enjoy 🙂

Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer

Never needing batteries, the Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer is a cat toy that moves as soon as it is hit by sunlight to mimic the presence and behaviour of prey. Attached to a window or glass door using suction cups which are adequate enough to withstand even the most powerful of tugs by your pet. When direct sunlight strikes the gadgets solar cell, it triggers a motor that moves a rod back and forth, motivating the dangling plastic ball and bright feathers to swing and bounce, keeping your playful cat entertained until you get home!

SolarFocus Cover – for Kindle

There is nothing better than relaxing on the beach reading your favourite book on the kindle. But, there is also nothing worse than getting to a good bit and your battery is about to go! Well, thanks to the SolarFocus Cover this will never need to happen. All you need to do is pop your kindle (Kindle 4 latest edition) into the leather case where it is held securely. Built into the cover is a solar panel so you can feel at ease and relax whilst your kindle is being recharged.

Solar Powered Race Car

This boisterous Solar Powered Race Car is lively enough to move along at 3m a second and is great value for money at just £14.95. Capable of going up 30 degree slopes without any trouble and the solar panel can be modified for the perfect speed and power for your little one!

T3 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

This very unique and exciting robot is a kit that that will let you and more importantly your children learn a bit more about using solar power in a much more appealing way. Once this cool gadget has been in the sun for a while it will be ready to move around keeping you captivated and amused. Also, The T3 Solar Robot can transform into a scorpion and a tank!

Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

Our UK Company Orange has called the Glastonbury Solar Tent ‘the tent of the future.’ It has photovoltaic fabric, specially coated solar threads woven into the fabric. The tent can absorb the rays of the sun and then use them for power later. So there is no need to worry about your GPS or mobile phone dying on you. It also has a feature known as groundsheet heat, an internal heating element that is installed within the tents groundsheet, once the interior temperature falls below a certain level this underfloor heater will automatically activate, keeping you all nice and warm.


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