Solar PV and Your Enery Bills

Solar pv is a great way to keep energy bills down whilst at the same time giving you an excellent return on investment. With the prices of energy in the UK continuing to rise, generating your own energy is becoming more and more attractive to more and more people in a bid to cut the cost of running their home.

As solar panels harness the energy of the sun during daylight hours, one way to maximise the potential to greatly save on bills is to use white goods, for example the tumble dryer, the dishwasher and the washing machine in the daytime as much as is possible. There are factors in life that mean that it isn’t always possible to use your white goods in the daytime, employment being one (it’s hard to put the tumble dryer on when you’re at work) but it is possible to get white goods with timers on.

As well as saving money on energy bills by using self generated energy as opposed to grid bought energy, a solar pv installation will also pay you back in the form of the feed in tariff. The feed in tariff is further broken down into two sub tariffs. They are the generation tariff, this currently stands at 14.38 pence per unit generated. The second aspect of the feed in tariff is the export tariff. This currently stands at 4.77 pence and is applied to half of the units generated as it is assumed the consumer will use 50 per cent of the energy that they produce and will therefore export the other 50 per cent of the energy that they produce back to the national grid for use by other consumers around the United Kingdom.

As you can see, a solar pv installation is not only a great way to save money, it is also a great way to make money.

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