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What Do Our Qualifications Mean – Part 2

QANW – QANW qualification is a valuable accreditation within the construction and insurance sectors. QANW, short for Quality Assured National Warranties, signifies high industry standards and reliability. It has been designed for members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. It is, for want of a better description, an insurance policy for the consumer that protects them from the second a deposit is paid. Not only does is protect the customer, but it also provides added security for any advance payments and covers the workmanship warranty.

The workmanship warranty is variable depending on the chosen tenure by the installer. A minimum warranty period of two years is recommended but the maximum tenure that can be imposed is 10 years. This ‘insurance policy’ is designed to protect, you, the customer should, we, as a company cease trading.

As with Benchmark and MCS we have 10 working days in which to complete the registration with QANW. A certificate of insurance should follow by post and should be kept to hand for future reference or claim.

RECC – RECC or to give it its full name – The Renewable Energy Consumer Code – was established to “guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes”. All members are retailers of small scale renewable installations and have agreed, by way of regular audit and compliances testing to adhere to the renewable energy consumer code which is backed by Trading Standards.

The renewable energy consumer code works closely with the MCS. Both the MCS and RECC are run by Gemserv and work on behalf of the government.

All standards, accreditations and certifications have been put into place to protect the consumer from any ‘cowboy’ installers. All installers are required to go through an annual audit process to fully check their compliance. Since becoming accredited in April 2014 we have had two separate spot checks, we are very proud announce that both spot checks have been fully compliant.

If for any reason you are unsure about the accreditations that your installers holds these can be checked on a publically accessible portal.

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