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5.5kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter Ecco

As a leading solar specialist, Contact Solar proudly supplies and installs high-quality solar PV systems throughout the UK. Harnessing the sun’s energy is made simple with advanced products like the Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter.

The 5kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter Ecco is the larger of the Sunsynk inverter sizes we offer. This smart, user-friendly tool converts solar energy into usable AC power for your property and DC power for your batteries. It can work solely with solar panels or together with batteries, storing and distributing power as required.

This single-phase Sunsynk inverter streamlines solar power management through customisable smart features, making system monitoring and optimisation easier than ever. Contact our experts today to learn more and receive your free solar PV quote.

Product Details: 5.5kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter Ecco

Part number:SYNK-5K-SG04LP1
Inputs:PV solar, AC grid power, batteries, generator
AC output power:5000W (max 5500W)
Output voltage:220/230Vac
Grid type:Single-phase
Battery type:Lead acid or lithium-ion
Max. battery charge/discharge current:120A
Battery voltage range:40~60V
Transfer time:<=10ms
Max. solar input power:6500W
Max. solar input voltage:500V
Max. solar current input:13+13A
MPPTs/Strings per MPPT2/1+1
MPPT range:150~425V
Ambient temperature:-45°C ~ 60°C (>45°C derating)
Dimensions:330 x 433 x 238mm
Installation style:Wall-mounted

Key Features

Seamless Solar Power Management

The 5kW Sunsynk inverter integrates the functions of an inverter, battery charger and solar charger into one handy device. This makes managing your power simple, with multiple inputs and customisable operating modes.

Switch between grid power, battery power, grid-tied and off-grid solar with ease. The smart settable 3-stage MPPT charging ensures optimised battery performance and prolongs their lifespan. 

Intuitive Full-Colour LCD Display

With a vivid and easy-to-use LCD screen, the 5.5kW Sunsynk inverter offers intuitive power monitoring and management. The interactive display supports Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity for wireless access and control from smartphones and computers like.

Conveniently check your battery levels, visual power flow, track your energy production and usage and more. The display allows full configuration of advanced controls, with high reliability and rapid responsiveness.

Fully Programmable System Integration

The 5kW Sunsynk inverter delivers a 220-230V output for the safe running of various appliances. Its fully programmable controller lets you tailor your system’s functionality. Customise battery charging modes, prioritise power draw from batteries or the grid, and configure solar energy export settings as needed.

This advanced inverter seamlessly pairs with lithium-ion or lead acid batteries, integrating into new and existing solar PV setups with ease. Scalable according to your energy usage, it works alongside multiple batteries and supports up to 16 Sunsynk inverters in parallel.

Security Features and Warranty

Boasting an IP65 enclosure rating against dust and moisture, the Sunsynk inverter is robust and reliable. Integrated safeguards including overload, overheating and short circuit protection keep your system operating safely in all conditions.

Integrated battery protection is also included, along with a limiting functions also prevent excess solar energy overflow into the grid. Each Sunsynk hybrid inverter is covered by a trusted 5 year warranty period.

About Sunsynk

Innovating the solar market for 20 years, Sunsynk has emerged as a premier global manufacturer of intelligent energy storage solutions. The brand advances sustainability through substantial investment in product design, keeping the global green energy industry moving forward.

As long-time pioneers in off-grid and on-grid solar system integration, Sunsynk empowers energy independence in over 40 countries worldwide. Their battery storage solutions and hybrid inverters are trusted by households and businesses for their reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

Contact Solar supplies and installs various Sunsynk products, including the popular Sunsynk hybrid inverter Ecco. Connect with our solar experts today and we’ll determine the ideal solar PV system for your property.

Choose Contact Solar: Trusted UK Solar Panel and Battery Storage Specialists

At Contact Solar, we help homes and businesses across the UK adopt renewable energy through custom solar PV systems. As an MCS certified solar company and Which? Trusted Trader, we specialise in fully installed, high-efficiency solar solutions designed around your unique requirements.

Our team possesses expert knowledge of the solar products we supply, including the 5.5kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter Ecco. We guarantee high-quality workmanship and unbeatable value, providing support from initial quote through to completion across all installations.

If you’re interested in a 5kW Sunsynk inverter system, reach out to Contact Solar and discover why we are the UK’s premier choice for solar PV solutions. Call us on 0800 201 4527, email [email protected] or fill in our quick online form today for your free quote. 

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