Axitec AXIPremium 250 watts to 270 watts

Thanks to recent developments in technology, solar panel market has managed to manufacture a panel that has only 0.5% Yearly Degradation, instead of the current standard being 0.7%. Axitec are the first Solar Panel manufacturer to launch a panel with the new lower degradation rate.

There is no avoiding solar panel Yearly Degradation, but it is widely considered a conservative estimate that the average is 3% in the first year and 0.7% each year following. The development of AXIPremium between 250 watts and 270 watts means that with lower degradation, your panels WILL last longer and ultimately produce more usable electricity.

Another trustworthy German based company producing solar panels is always welcome in the solar market, as a whole, German solar companies provide a mark of quality and consistent high level of performance that is often enough to reassure customers of the initial cost of installing a Solar PV system onto their roofs, with reliable warranties and top notch manufactured products.

The growing trend of having solar panel systems on residential properties is looking stronger and stronger each year, they have proven themselves as an alternative way to provide electricity to your home, a method of cutting your household electric bill, with sleeker and more subtle designs even having a 4 kilo watt systems (16 panels at 250 watts), which is the maximum kilo watts allowed on residential properties before permits must be applied for, the panels are not an eye sore, that stick out of place on top of a roof. Other than the obvious personal gain to the customer, the environmental impact should not be ignored, with reports of global warming looming, Solar Panel installations are a real solution that every home owner can utilise to cut their own carbon footprint.

And finally once the initial cost is manageable for the customer, the Return on Investment (ROI) is simply money in your bank, there’s no other way to put it.

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