Booths Supermarket Cuts Energy Prices With 250kWp Solar Design

Supermarket group Booths has turned to Solar Panels to give a helping hand on decreasing its energy bills. The chain is now equipped with the energy saving panels on its distribution centre near Preston.

The 250kWp design, carried out by Styles and Wood, is predicted to generate about 223,000kWhof electricity each year! Booths Supermarket is expected to earn an overall benefit of around £24,500 a year from the scheme, taking into consideration energy savings and the combined feed-in tariffs.

Energy Director, Adrian Sutton, explained that installations like the one at Booths distribution centre would come to be more common. The Energy Director said: “Microgeneration installations like this are becoming more and more favoured and popular as energy costs continue to apply serious pressure on UK businesses, especially those with substantial property footprints.”

Seemingly, this was a challenging project which was delivered successfully without creating disruption to the distribution centre, which is in play and operating 24/7. Working with a prominent brand like Booths is another big achievement for the Energy Division which continues to go from strength to strength!

Here, at Contact Solar we aim to deliver a profitable, cost effective solar solution. Our knowledge and straightforward approach has gained us an excellent reputation.

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“It’s really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof.”
– Bill Gates

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