Campaign Group Calls Upon Government To Fund Solar Schemes For Schools

Friends of the Earth (FoE), Environmental Campaign Group, has begun a petition demanding for UK schools to have better financial access to solar energy.

The appeal is expressively directed at the Department for Education. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education has requested for a change to current financial restrictions on schools that could be preventing their adoption of solar energy.

The petition protests that “Government rules stop schools accessing some of the best solar schemes.”

Friends of the Earth said in a report: “The government says it likes the idea of putting solar on schools. Well it’s about time it took action. And the first thing it should do is let schools access finance to invest in solar power, allowing them to save money and produce their own clean energy.”

FoE Campaigner, Anna Watson told Solar Power Portal: “Schools tell us they like solar power but many can’t afford the upfront costs – the government should use its forthcoming Solar Strategy to enable schools to borrow money.”

She added: “Removing red tape and allowing schools to borrow would provide another funding option for schools who are not in a position to crowd-source or create co-ops. It could be easier for schools to access low interest loans and open up the solar market. In schools people can see solar, engage parents and children in what our energy future should look like.”

The solar strategy is rumoured to be revealed this week, the FoE statement said: “Installing solar on every roof in Britain would generate more electricity than the country requires & it could save our cash-strapped school millions of pounds.”

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