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Do you know how to register for your feed in tariff?

Before starting the process off having your solar PV system installed you should check that your electric company provides the feed in tariff as some of the smaller less known ones do not! The main reason most people have solar panels installed on their house is for the financial benefit, yes you are creating your own energy but the feed in tariff payments are much more enticing, and once you have paid your system off the rest is profit.

When registering for your feed in tariff you will need all documents produced by the installer of your solar PV system, these include an MCS Certificate, EPC (but this can be sourced from the EPC register online), Benchmark certificate (these are the building regulations) and your invoice of full payment the name that is on the invoice should be exactly the same as the name on the electricity bill otherwise your electricity company will not accept it.

When you receive all these documents from your installer they should send out the feed in tariff application form, if not they are very easily found on the internet or simply call your electric provider and they can advise you.

Some of the forms are very long and contain a lot of useless information but there is usually always a check list at the beginning so before sending refer to this as sending an incomplete form can delay the process. The first thing that will be asked is your own personal information which is straight forward; it will then ask if you are a customer which you more than likely will be unless you are changing over providers. Generator address details are simply where the generator is situated which will be in your home; all the generator meter details can be found on your MCS certificate. The next part will not apply because in England a system over 4KW cannot be installed so an export meter is not needed. Finally you are asked to sign two declarations out of the six stated, in most cases it will be declaration one and declaration six.

That is your form complete all that needs to be done now is send this with copies of all documents asked for including proof of identity and address and wait for your feed in tariff to come through.

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