Does Size Matter?

It’s often been asked “How many solar panels do I need on my roof?”. In truth, there is no correct answer to this question. The best advice is always to fit as many panels as your roof and your budget will allow.

Solar PV benefits consumers in different ways. For example, a household with a 4 kw system and low electricity consumption could see energy derived from solar being used to power most of, if not all of their electrical goods. On the other hand, a household with only the capacity for a 2kw system but a high electricity consumption will see solar PV contributing towards their energy bills.

When considering whether or not to install a Solar PV system, consumers with smaller roof surfaces often decide against going ahead due to a perception that only a 4kw system will benefit them.

Of course more Solar PV panels mean more self generated energy, but one’s roof is only as big as it is, and any contribution to energy bills has to be a benefit.

There are, of course, added extras that make a Solar PV system go further, work harder and produce more. One such product is the Solic 200.

As most people are aware, any surplus energy generated from solar panels is fed to the grid to be used by the general public. The Solic 200 uses this energy to power the immersion heater and heat up hot water in the household. When you consider the feed-in tariff is paid on energy generated rather than energy used, it is easy to see how this increases the benefits of even small systems on small roofs.

Another solution to a lack of roof space is simply to install Solar PV panels of a higher wattage than the usual 250w panels. This enables consumers with a Solar PV system of less panels to benefit from a perfomance similar to that of a larger system.

Solar PV won’t make your roof bigger. Solar PV will make your bills smaller.

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