Ex- Marine Goes Green!

Craig Smith, an ex- Royal Marine Reservist is tackling growing energy costs with his dedication to renewables. The entrepreneur launched his energy solution business named ‘Solec’ to supply a variety of energy alternatives to customers.

To begin with Mr Smith first built up his work through his reputation as an ordinary electrician, but has progressively developed his business within the renewable energy spectrum, with solar power, energy efficient lighting and electric vehicle charging points being his main speciality.

He experiments with the technology and tests them at his home, then provides them to customers. His cottage displays solar panels, LED lighting, wood burning heating and a system that pushes warm recycled fresh air around the house. The collaborated adjustments have saved the household hundreds of pounds in energy bills!

The ex- marine said:

“Investing in green technology is not just about saving the planet for future generations, it’s about saving money too, even small changes can have big effects – if a business swaps its lighting for energy efficient alternatives it can radically reduce its electricity bills for very little investment or effort.

“Eventually, I want both my home and business base to be something out of The Good Life, with free range chickens and organic vegetables growing in the garden,” he added.

The firm is currently located in Coopies Lane Industrial Estate in Northumberland. However, Mr Smith would like to broaden his green vision and his goal is to design and produce a custom-built, carbon neutral, self-sustaining office, manufactured from shipping containers, heated with a biomass boiler, powered by solar panels and featuring rainwater harvesters. Wow!


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