Ford Announces Solar Powered Car!

solar powered car

Good Morning Guys, It seems the solar world really is taking over!

Ford has revealed plans for a prototype solar powered car.

The Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept will be on show at CES in Las Vegas before assessment begins to see if the product is suitable and practical.

The new advanced Ford has a solar panel system on the roof which tracks the position of the sun. The group said it can bring power equivalent to a 4hour battery charge.

The solar powered car could trek for up to 21 miles powered just on electricity and fully charged!

The new model with its solar panel roof will use a separate off-vehicle solar concentrator lens, much the same as a magnifying glass, to make sure it consumes enough energy. The lens will pursue the movement of the sun from east to west and direct daylight to the solar cells which project researchers say improves the impact of sunlight by a factor of eight.

Ford state that a day’s worth of sunlight will create the same performance from the Solar Energi Concept as is given by their standard plug-in hybrid car. Both of the vehicles would have the same scope of 620 miles.

Developed from a partnership between Ford, The Georgia Institute of Technology and SunPower Corp (a solar power company) will still have a conventional electric charging socket, so its charge can be refilled from the power grid.

But the company claims that by using the solar power system drivers will not be reliant on the grid to use the car.

Research from Ford proposes that in future the sun could power up to 75% of all journeys made by an average buyer in a solar vehicle!

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