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Getting the most out of your Solar System

Once you’ve had your Solar system installed, you’re obviously going to want to get the most out of it. To achieve optimum usage / benefit the Contact Solar team recommend:

  • minimise the amount of electricity you use
  • use efficient / low energy lights
  • high energy rated appliance
  • check the level of insulation

The more home made electricity you use the less you purchase from your main supplier, this will drive your energy costs down and will add ‘worth’ to your solar investment.

The Government introduced the Feed In Tariff in April 2010, this replaced the UK Government Grants and encouraged more and more home owners to take up renewable electricity schemes. It is you main energy supplier that will make the Feed In Tariff payments to you, so you must ensure once your panels have been installed that you supply your energy supplier with a copy of the installation certificates. The rate at which you will be paid will depend on the current buy-back rate and your EPC rating.

The current Feed In Tariff rates are:

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