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Growatt Solar PV Inverters

Growatt is a newly established company founded in May 2010, despite this they have reached up to 1GW installs worldwide; they are also trading worldwide with the best seller being the USA. Growatt are known for their outstanding efficiency and basically great value for your money photovoltaic inverters, as solar inverters are the main focus and the only product being produced by Growatt up to now lots of time and money is being invested to upgrade products frequently and keep up to date with the new technologies.

There are a great range of inverters to choose from, from a small scale domestic installation to a larger commercial building Growatt have an inverter to suit all needs. Starting from 1 KW and going all the way up to a massive 1 MW Growatt really have covered all areas and have even been awarded after photon tests, there is also a smart monitoring system which can also be used for both types of installs

Many case studies have been carried out; there are currently four utility plants three based in China and one in Germany, one main commercial building which is situated in Belgium and finally one domestic (residential) project which is a 5KW home project in Australia.

In the few years that Growatt have been established they have acquired quite a few partners who distribute their stock.

The vision of the company is to be the world’s first class photo static inverter manufacturer, and to make photovoltaic systems easily accessible to everybody. As a company, GroWatts mission is to keep producing the best performance and low cost solar inverters and to make the whole world more efficient. Finally the core value is customers first; the customer is always the most important, and just to keep the high standard that they are producing at the minute.

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