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Growatt New Energy Co Ltd is a solar pv company that focuses exclusively on solar pv inverters. They were established in May of 2010 and have been partly responsible for over 1 GW of solar pv installations worldwide.

The beginnings of the Growatt solar inverter came from a Research and Development team who had been involved in the solar pv industry for 10 years. This team was made up of more than 100 engineers which accounted for over 40 per cent of the staff employed by Growatt New Energy Co Ltd.

Growatt New Energy Co Ltd have a substantial range of solar pv inverters for anybody considering investing in a solar pv installation. Obviously which inverter is ultimately used depends on the size of the system and the layout of the solar pv installation. The selection of inverters on offer from Growatt New Energy Co Ltd ranges from 1 KW to 1 MW. Growatt New Energy Co Ltd offers solar pv inverters in both single string and dual tracker format. This means that the inverters they offer are suitable for both solar pv installation that are installed upon just the one single aspect of a customer’s roof and also are suitable for solar pv installations that are installed upon two aspects of a customer’s roof. A typical example of such a solar pv installation that would require a dual tracker inverter would be when the installation in question is being installed on a property that has an east and west facing section of roof space.

It is now common knowledge that there are a wide range of companies producing solar pv inverter. It is accepted throughout the industry that the inverter is an integral part of any solar pv installation. It looks like Growatt New Energy Co Ltd are going to be a major player in the solar pv inverter game.

growatt solar inverter

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