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In roof, on roof or flat roof – the choice is yours

There are various different ways that a solar pv system can be installed in the United Kingdom. Which option is chosen can come down to one of the following: Where the panels will be situated and the preference of the individual purchase the solar pv installation.

If an install is to be placed on a pitched roof, there are two main ways that the panels can be installed. The first method on installing solar pv panels is to mount them on frames that are secured onto the roof. This enables the panels to lie at the same degree of pitch the roof itself. This is a relatively straightforward method of installing solar pv panels that involves the lifting of the tiles and in order for a frame to be fixed.

The second option for solar pv installations on a pitched roof is to integrate the panels into the roof itself by installing via an in tile system. This will allow the panels to sit flush amongst the tiles or slate of the roof. Not only does this once again allow the panels to lie at the same degree of pitch as the roof, but it also results in an aesthetically stunning finished product.

Not all solar pv installations are placed upon angled roofs. Often they may be placed upon a flat roof or even on the ground. If this is the case the panels would need to be mounted either on A-Frames or on a product such as a Suntub. This ensure that the panels do not need to be laid flat where standing rainwater can gather, but that they can lie at an optimum angle to give the best performance possible. These frames can either be securely fixed or weighted down with a ballast such as stones, gravel or sand.

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