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In Roof Or On Roof

Ok, so a decision on choosing whether or not to have Solar Pv is a big enough choice to make in itself.

You want to know the pricing, how it benefits you, if it will work in this country, then which panel to go for there are so many. Each one better than the rest, (well so they say), then also on top of that you think that it will look out of place on your roof !!!!! You think that passers by, neighbours, whoever, may see them will look and think how out of place they look on your roof. Although it is saving you money, you can sit at home and rest in peace knowing that your bills are reduced but everyone is laughing at the those obtrusive panels on your roof ………..well no longer. Now with the development of a new product you can sit down with a cuppa, relaxing knowing that your neighbours and passers by cannot notice the panels on your roof. How I hear you ask. Well believe it or not you can have in roof solar pv.

Des it make any difference to the panels and how they work? Do you have to use a certain panel? The answer to all of these is NO a big fat NO. Although in Europe people have been having these installed for some time now, we here in the UK are just noticing the benefits of them. How does it work ………. To try and not be to technical (because Im’ not along with a lot of you out there too) instead of the system being on top of the roof we take the tiles off the roof and fit in a water tight system for the panels to fit in. Does this take longer? Well yes but not too much you will be glad to know. The look of an in roof system is amazing, nicely placed in the roof not to be seen by the untrained eye. Perfect ………..and if you don’t believe me then take a look at the picture below ….. check it out for yourselves.

And if you’re still not sure RING UP and speak to someone who will go through it all with you. Lets catch up with the rest of Europe with the in roof solar pv system………

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