Is my Solar Panel System working?

With the climate crisis becoming more prominent and energy costs on the rise, now is the perfect time to invest in solar energy. But if you already have a Solar Panel system installed, have you checked to ensure it’s operating to an optimal level? Here are some of our top tips on how to check your solar panel system is working.

How to check if my Solar Panels are working properly?

 Check your solar PV generation meter is working

As part of the MCS guidelines, a solar generation meter will be installed during your solar installation. The solar generation meter is used to monitor your solar system’s production. A typical solar generation meter will have a red flashing light when the solar system is generating. Ensure you check the readings on your solar generation meter regularly to make sure they are increasing. Learn more about solar generation meters here.

 Inspect your solar inverter

The solar inverter is known as the brains behind the system. If any fault should occur, they can usually be identified through a fault code displayed on the solar inverter screen. Most solar inverters are equipped with status LED lights which can offer an indication of how your solar panel system is working. Typically, a green LED light on the solar inverter indicates the system is operating as expected, a yellow warning light means a potential issue has been detected and a red warning light means a problem with your solar panel system has been discovered. Should a fault light be displayed on your solar inverter, you can contact our dedicated team to help resolve the issue.

 Check your smart meter

On a bright sunny day, your solar panel system should be operating around its maximum capacity. Therefore, your solar panels should be supplying the majority of the power the household requires. If your electric meter is still showing the property consumption is being fully supplied by the national grid, there is likely to be an issue with the solar installation.

Check your electricity bill for increases

The main reason most households will have a solar panel system installed is to reduce their electricity bill. When the solar system is working, your electricity bill should be lower than before you had the solar system installed. The savings from the solar system will fluctuate depending on your usage and the time of year, however a reduction in the bill should still be noticeable. Hence, if your electricity bill starts to increase, it is likely the solar panels are not operating as expected.

Check your solar monitoring portal

Most modern solar panel systems now come with a monitoring portal where the solar production can be monitored remotely. The solar monitoring portals should be checked daily to ensure the solar system is generating energy as expected. Should a fault occur, the monitoring portal will display a fault and a fault code for the solar system. You should then contact us to fully inspect your system. When you do get in touch with us, ensure you have the fault codes available to help speed up the process.

Still need help with your Solar Panel System?

If you have done all of the above to check your solar panel system and you think your solar system still isn’t working as it should be, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you’ve had a solar system installed by us or not, we’re always on hand to help resolve any issues that do occur.

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