Jaguar Land Rover Installs Biggest Solar Array In The UK

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has finished installing what is speculated to be the biggest rooftop solar array in the UK.

The new Engine Manufacturing Centre based in Staffordshire has over 21,000 solar modules! … and is able to create around 30% of Jaguar Land Rover Centre’s yearly energy requirements, comparable to energy consumed by 1,600 households. It will also reduce the site’s carbon footprint by over 2,400 tonnes annually.

Furthermore, the company intends to expand the array from 5.8MW to 6.3MW by the end of this year and the £500m project is anticipated to generate approximately 1,400 new jobs once the centre reaches sufficient enough capacity.

The plant has earned a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating across a range of efficiency measures, including heating and lighting systems designed to reduce energy demand, insulated cladding, maximising daylight through the roof design and utilizing natural ventilation through an automatic louver.

Trevor Leeks, Operations Director for the Engine Manufacturing Centre commented saying: “Our world-class facility showcases the latest sustainable technologies and innovations. The completion of the UK’s largest rooftop solar panel installation here at the Engine Manufacturing Centre is just one example of this.

“As the first manufacturer to win the ‘Responsible Business of the Year’ last year, environmental innovation lies at the heart of Jaguar Land Rover’s business.”

The innovative centre also uses highly advanced heating and lighting systems that help lower the plants energy consumption. Additionally, the energy monitoring facilities in the centre constantly examine the amount of energy being used.

Jaguar Land Rover – Biggest Solar Array In The UK


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