Maybe it’s time to go solar after the British Gas price increase

British Gas has announced that it will increase electricity prices by 12.5% in an unpopular move that will impact over 3 million customers. Maybe now is the time to consider renewable, cheaper alternatives.

Centrica, the UK energy group that owns British Gas, claimed that the rise was a result of government policy costs – stating that they really had no choice. The company have said that they would protect vulnerable customers, but it is understandable that British gas customers are feeling frustrated with having to pay even more money for their electricity. A typical household’s annual bill will increase by 7.3 per cent, carrying a big impact for a vast amount of homes some of which may not feel like they can afford the new charges. With the cost of energy bills only continuing to grow year after year, now seems like the perfect time to fuel your house with solar energy.

Solar panels are a cost-effective way to power your home, no matter the weather. Photovoltaic panels will not only cut down your energy bills, but you can actually get paid for generating energy too. The sun is an incredibly powerful and renewable source of energy – put into perspective, the energy that it supplies to the Earth for just one hour could meet the global energy needed for one year. It is time to accept the fact that fossil fuels just aren’t sustainable, and this rise in electric bills proves it.

If you have solar panels, you won’t be affected by the rising energy prices, like the one imposed by British Gas – in fact, it has proven to be a solution for those who want cheaper energy bills. Importantly, if you factor in the Feed-in Tariff incentive, you may get paid for generating electricity, and paid even more for units sold back to the national grid. The government introduced the Feed-In Tariff to encourage more people to start using green energy, after acknowledging the damaging effects and limited availability of fossil fuels. It has never seemed like a better time to ditch fossil fuels and save some money.

For the future, financially solar panels are a great investment. A demand for homes to be equipped with solar panels is imminent, meaning the retail value for properties with solar panels are only increasing. When you also consider that the UK is quickly moving towards removing all petrol cars from our roads, with the ban of all polluting vehicles to be sold from 2040. It is clear to see that the UK is taking steps to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, but why not start early? Did you also know you can actually charge your electric cars with your solar panels?

Of course, if we are debating the future benefits of installing solar panels, it is important to mention the future of our very precious planet. Climate change is very real and the use of fossil fuels is only damaging our planet even more. By generating clean and green electricity you’re not only saving yourself money but you’re saving the environment, saving endangered species that are being affected by climate change and improving the planet for our future generations.

It is normal to feel angry or even worried about the surge in electric prices and deciding what to do next can be daunting. Do you want to continue using nonrenewable sources that will continue to rise in price, or opt for a renewable, clean source of cheap energy? Solar would financially benefit you, giving you a much-needed ease of mind in a world full of inflation.

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