Meet Sunsynk Lifelynk: New All-in-One Solar Battery System

At Contact Solar, we are dedicated to helping homes and businesses across the UK embrace the benefits of solar power. We’re excited to announce the Sunsynk Lifelynk Series: a brand-new product that promises to make solar PV systems more accessible for all.

The new Lifelynk Series is an all-in-one system which combines the solar battery and inverter into one convenient unit. This innovative technology has great potential for simplifying solar PV installations – and it’s significantly more affordable than traditional setups.

Read on to explore more of Lifelynk’s amazing features and learn how to get a free quote for your property.


Sunsynk Lifelynk


Plug and Play Convenience at a Fantastic Price

Solar PV and battery storage systems are a fantastic way to power your property and enjoy huge energy bill savings. However, traditional installations can be complex and time-consuming for installers and customers alike.

The new Sunsynk Lifelynk Series aims to make solar PV setup quicker, easier and more convenient all-round. Each unit is a self-contained “plug and play” system which incorporates the battery, inverter and all relevant connections into one. Its compact size means you can save space while eliminating the risk of connection problems.

Some key features of the Lifelynk Series include:

  • Multiple inputs: Manage power from various sources such as solar, mains (grid) and generators
  • Safe and reliable: Built-in UPS with an earth-neutral bond, battery isolators, and overload/over-temperature/short-circuit protection
  • Customisable: Fully programmable controller and configurable battery charging settings
  • User-friendly: Monitor and control your system via the easy-to-use LCD display, or remotely through the Sunsynk Connect app
  • Flexible: Parallelable with up to 6 modules and compatible with existing solar storage batteries

What’s more, the Lifelynk Series is available at an amazingly low price. Comparable to the cost of a new smartphone, it’s the most affordable solar battery storage solution in the UK. With Lifelynk, Sunsynk has made it possible for more households across the country to generate their own clean electricity for less.


Sunsynk Lifelynk Series Models

There are three sizes in the Sunsynk Lifelynk price range: S, X and XL. Each varies in battery capacity, input and output power for different energy requirements. Whether you need a solar PV setup for your home or small business, you’ll find the perfect Lifelynk System for you.

All models boast an impressive maximum efficiency of 97.6%, are IP20 rated and can operate in temperatures of -25°C ~ +60°C.


Lifelynk S: Ideal for Small Homes

For those with smaller energy usage levels, the Lifelynk S is the perfect place to start. It features a 2.5kW inverter and 2kWh battery capacity – ideal for basic domestic solar setups.

Weighing only 36kg and measuring 701 x 544 x 105mm, the Lifelynk S is the most compact model in the range. It’s also the most affordable, allowing small households to start reaping the benefits of renewable energy without breaking the bank.

The S model is an excellent choice for those who are looking to install their first solar PV system. And as it is parallelable with other solar batteries, your system can grow with your family.


Lifelynk X: A Versatile Mid-Range Option

Offering increased capacity and power over the S model, the Lifelynk X boasts a 3.6kW inverter and 3.84kWh battery. This mid-range option weighs 51.7kg and measures a compact 701 x 544 x 182mm.

The Lifelynk X is a perfect starter system for medium to large homes or families with higher energy needs. It may also suit those looking to replace their traditional 3.6kW inverter and add extra battery storage alongside their existing system.


The Sunsynk Lifelynk XL: For Higher Energy Needs

The Lifelynk XL steps up with a robust 5.5kW inverter and 5.22kWh battery capacity. This makes it a great choice for larger domestic setups, multi-occupancy households or small commercial installations. The largest model in the series, it weighs 82.0g and measures 901 x 624 x 182mm, retaining Lifelynk’s compact all-in-one design.

The Lifelynk XL is the perfect heavy-duty performer for those in need of higher solar generation and storage capabilities. If you’re unsure which model would best suit your needs, talk to the friendly advisors at Contact Solar today.


Choose Contact Solar: UK Solar Panel and Battery Storage Specialists

At Contact Solar, we have been installing custom solar PV systems across the UK for over a decade. We strive to secure our customers the best possible returns on their investment – which is why we only install top-quality solar PV products from trusted brands.

If you are interested in a Sunsynk Lifelynk system for your home or business, we can help. Our knowledgeable advisors will happily recommend the ideal solar PV setup for your needs and budget. As a Which? Trusted Trader with the highest Google and Trustpilot ratings nationwide, we are committed to providing unparalleled quality, value and service.

To receive your free, no-obligation solar PV or battery storage quote, reach out to Contact Solar today. Call us on 0800 201 4527, email [email protected] or fill in our quick online quote form.


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