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There is such an increase demand for PV systems in the UK only, records show over 2500 Solar PV installations are being carried out each week, that is an incredible increase from just a few years ago, and as demand for solar panels increases, so too does the advancement in the technology surrounding a PV system. It’s well known that purchasing a solar panel system does not mean you’re only buying solar panels, there’s a whole rigging system, designed to secure the panels to your roof, there’s the inverter that is essential for converting the Direct Current (DC) generated by the solar panels into Alternating Current (AC), providing useable power for your property.

Then there are the additional or optional extras available, one of which is called a Microgen PV Controller, specially designed to utilise the energy generated, in combination with the FiT rate for solar PV systems, the PV solar controllers are offers another incentive for customers to start generating renewable energy, helping the environment and their bank balances.

Looking at ImmerSUN from 4Eco, this is a solar panel controller designed around the idea that home and business owners don’t have to settle for only self-generating energy, it’s now possible to ‘self-consume’ that energy too! The prospect of which alone should impress you, a potential 100 per cent efficient energy usage, compare that to the current average of 30 per cent without a PV solar controller.

Take the immerSUN for example – the microgen controller was developed at 4Eco. It allows up to 100 per cent of self-generated energy to be used within a home or business, compared to just 30 per cent, on average, without.

It does this by addressing a simple truth about solar power generation – the fact that the peak daytime hours when panels generate the most energy are, more often than not, the times when power consumption is at its lowest due to work or commitments outside the home.

The PV solar panel controller requires virtually no electricity to run, works with almost any type of microgeneration system and comes with and easy-to-use LCD display, with an option for automated programme settings to be customised, you’re able to set timers for when to start running the ImmerSUN to get the most out of it.

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