Should we follow in Berlin’s footsteps and pull out of fossil fuels?

Berlin’s parliament voted to pull its money out of coal, gas and oil companies, in a huge move to support renewables and show the world where they stand on environment issues. This new investment is part of Germany’s goal of being completely carbon free by 2050. Berlin isn’t the first, though; it’s actually the 7th major city to join the eco-friendly movement, following in the footsteps of places like Paris, Seattle, Copenhagen and Melbourne.

These decisions are a massive victory for the renewables movement, allowing the world to be one step further away from an absolute climate disaster. So should places in the UK follow in Berlin’s footsteps? Absolutely. Even if a small county, like Lancashire, would agree to stop investing in fossil fuels, a huge difference and message would be made. Without these steps, no matter how frivolous they may seem from afar, global temperatures are very likely to carry on rising.

Many of the German cities which have also took the pledge, have decided to invest more money in renewable energy. And it is not only locations that have started making changes regarding energy. Institutions are also divesting – including religious groups, Universities and health organisations.

Individuals can also make a difference, without the help from institutions. Installing solar panels, as an example, can make a big difference. Read our article on how you can help save the world whilst saving money.

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