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Solar Capacity Boost By 13,000% In Devon & Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall have seen a big growth over the past four years in the amount of electricity that can be generated by solar installations.


The leading centre of sustainable energy expertise, Regan South West, has evaluated that solar energy can power the equivalent of 100,000+ home’s, back in 2011 this was only 890 homes!

Authorities understand that it is created by the Governments feed-in tariff which grants people to receive an income from generated power.

Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have the highest levels of solar energy from the sun in the UK.

One megawatt (MW) of solar power is equal to the household energy utilization of around 200 homes.

Regan South West said, “Solar installations in Devon and Cornwall meant the counties had a capacity of about 325MW last year – 245MW more than the previous year’s total of 80MW.”

Despite that, the speedy increase has maddened demonstrators who are upset with green fields and agricultural land being used for solar farms. The campaign to safeguard Rural England said, “Large solar farms were ‘industrialising’ the countryside.”

The growth on prime agricultural land and in areas of outstanding natural beauty is going to be an issue,”he informed Adrian Campbell, BBC Spotlight’s Environment Correspondent.

“But it’s worth saying that’s the minority of projects – the vast majority are actually located on rooftops and brown-field sites.”

The Government has stated that photovoltaic solar power was an essential factor in gaining its 2020 renewable energy targets.

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