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Solar Power and it’s Benefits

Daylight is a renewable energy source. Solar panels convert natural daylight into usable energy. Britain’s volatile climate doesn’t lend itself to large scale energy generation; this is why most solar panels are found on small to medium business premises and residential properties. You will also see that there are many other uses for solar power; for example, some road signs are powered by using photovoltaic panels.

As home owners, we are becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and we are taking steps to look at ways in which we can become more eco-friendly. Making simple changes for example using energy saving bulbs, not leaving the tap running, recycling our plastics, glass and newspaper all contributes and helps reduce our carbon footprint. Solar is another great way, as this is a renewable energy not a fossil fuel. With more and more panels being made from recyclable products and the government offering better tariffs and incentives to home owners and small businesses it is clear that solar power, over the next decade, will increase dramatically through-out the UK.

The cost of installing Solar systems has fallen significantly over the last 12 months. Taking this into account and combining this with the feed in tariff this can only mean one thing, more money in your pocket. Obviously the more electricity your solar panels generate the more additional tax free income you generate.
Interested? Then give us a call and let us show you what you could be earning.

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