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Solar PV v Solar Thermal

Two of the most common concerns for homeowners in 21st century Britain are “ What changes can I make in my day to day life to be greener?” and “What can I do to save money and get a decent return on my investment at the same time?” There are steps that can be taken in order to answer these questions both individually, and as a collective. Using energy saving light bulbs and recycling will reduce one’s carbon footprint, while on the other hand, reducing the amount spent on luxuries will save a family precious money. But wait! What if there was a way that a homeowner could be much more environmentally aware and at the same time secure a significant return on investment for the family.

Such an investment is solar panels. It is sometimes assumed that a solar panel is simply a solar panel. That is where people become confused and could end up investing in the wrong type of solar panels if they don’t look into their options.

So, what type of solar panels are there? Well, one type of solar panel is Solar PV. These panels are perhaps the most common in the United Kingdom and convert natural daylight into electricity that is able to be used within the household. The other type of solar panel available is the lesser known solar thermal panel. As the name would suggest, solar thermal panels are used to heat up the hot water within the household.

So, which panels should you go for? To be honest, that’s a decision that can only be made by the customer. A solar company can advise but ultimately can’t make the decision for the customer. However, when you consider that a solar pv system could include a product such as an iBoost to heat up hot water, it could make the decision that little bit easier.

solar thermal vs solar pv,

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