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SolarEdge to showcase new products for the UK solar PV market at Ecobuild!

SolarEdge has confirmed that the UK represents a substantial market for the company, consequently they have come to the decision to move its permanent office to London. With the growing focus on the UK market, SolarEdge is revealing a number of products that have been created with the UK PV market categorically in mind.

SolarEdge has developed a P700 optimiser, designed for the commercial PV market. The optimiser has been produced to work for two 72-cell solar PV modules instead of just the one, this allows installers to make momentous savings on balance of system costs. The group states that the power optimiser is able to increase energy output for a system by tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of the individual modules.

The company has also announced updates to its P405 optimiser which will now enable installers to decrease the minimum string length for residential inverters to six modules, SolarEdge claimed that the modification was a direct response to one of the particular challenges that faces the UK residential solar sector, especially the smaller size and the additional complexity of roofs in the UK.

Vice President of global sales at SolarEdge said: “With new products for both residential and commercial sectors, SolarEdge is poised to become a leading player in the UK PV market. Now that it is clear that module-level electronics are the optimal solution for all system types and sizes, installers can install SolarEdge on all of their customers’ systems – from a mini residential system to a large PV plant.”

The power optimiser and PV inverter supplier expects that the new additions will help increase mainstream support of module-level electronics and inverters in both the UK residential and commercial sectors.

SolarEdge will be exhibiting and demonstaring its new UK products at Ecobuild.

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