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Technological Breakthrough For Lincolnshire!

Broadgate Homes of Weston Hills is to launch a world first with its latest technological discovery.

Residences on its brand new Holland Park development in Spalding, Lincolnshire, will be constructed from energy efficient solar bricks, being the very first in the world to do this!

The business group is part of the team behind the technological breakthrough, developed in Denmark and to be created in Windsor, Berkshire, which consists of bricks utilizing energy from the sun and transforming it into static electricity.

This can subsequently be used to power electrical devices and lights throughout the home, saving homeowners hundreds of pounds every year.

Ian Canham, Chief Executive said:

“This is a remarkable discovery that will transform future house building. I am very proud that it is Broadgate Homes bringing this to the world first.”

Collaborating with Professor Pal Riloof of Majkat University in Denmark, Broadgate Homes is looking to lower energy bills to a greater extent and make the use of plug sockets and light fittings outmoded.

Ian Canham pointed out that the use of static electricity means that all homeowners will need to do is place plugs and light fittings against the wall and a static bridge will be formed to power the appliance.

“This is such an exciting development for our industry that we would be fools to pass this chance by. The people of South Holland are fortunate that we are trialing these solar bricks locally.”

“This product will revolutionize the home building industry. We have constructed a test house here in Denmark and whilst it is early days everything is awesome” added Professor Pal Riloof.

We definitely agree that this is an exciting breakthrough for the industry and even more exciting that it’s happening in the UK!


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