The Deutsch Mark of Quality

One thing that is generally accepted worldwide, is that anything the Germans do, they do extremely well. Anybody who watched this summer’s football world cup, and in particular Germany’s emphatic 7-1 demolition of pre-tournament favourites Brazil, will have witnessed Germany efficiency at it’s best.

When asked to think of car manufacturers that ooze class, 2 inparticular come to mind; Mercedez (currently run away leaders of the F1 constructors championship) and Audi. No prizes for guessing where these manufacturers are based.

Deutschland has another string to it’s already well-strung bow; Solarworld.

Solarworld offer the Solar PV industry’s only true European manufactured panels. The Sunmodule plus really is an innovation in solar module design. They are one of a select few manufacturers to have been awarded the “Power Controlled” certificate of TUC Rheinland. This guarantees that the panels supply the same level of power, or more, that Solarworld promised they would.

Solarworld also offer a 25 year linear performance guarantee on their Sunmodule plus panels. Most Solar PV manufactures offer a standard tiered guarantee. This means that for the first 10 years of it’s lifespan, a panel will typically perform at 90% of it’s capability. Once it reaches year 11, that figure sharply drops to 80% and remains there until year 25. Under the linear performance guarantee, things are different. Solarworld guarantee that their Sunmodule plus panel will only degrade by a maximum of 0.7% per year. This gives a minimum performance level of 90% after year 11 and 80.2% after year 25.

Oh they do like to be beside the seaside. Solarworld’s panels have been proven not to be affected by salty air. The modules successfully fulfilled the requirements of the DIN EN 61701 salt spray test. This means that consumers living in coastal areas need not worry about the salty air having a detrimental effect on their solar panels.

As everybody is aware, the Germans are very, very good at what they do. Just ask Brazil.

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