The future for solar power lies with the batteries

The German battery company, Sonnen, want you to declare your independence whilst they prepare for a world without net metering. Their smart energy storage will allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar 24 hours a day.

For decades unsightly power plants have been the main source of electricity, now this is slowly but surely being replaced by renewable energy sources. However, even firm advocates of solar energy will realise that there needs to be advancements in order to completely end the dependence on fossil fuels. Thus,Sonnen have pioneered the technology of storage batteries, creating a product that will maximise on-site solar consumption. Their vision is to give everybody the power to control and monitor their own energy. The company has dedicated themselves to their goal which revolves around a conceptualisation of a world in which everybody will be able to cover their energy needs with clean and green power, emancipating our precious Earth from the dependence on fossil fuels.

So, how does the sonnenBatterie provide you with independence? You may be used to the question “what happens when the sun goes down?” when talking about solar panels, and although the exasperating question may be used to disregard any conversation about the future of clean energy, it is still a valid one. Now you can confidently reply with a rational answer; solar power batteries. The sonnenBatterie has an intelligent storage system which automatically adjusts the energy used so that most of the energy you generate will stay in your household. In the morning and evening, when there is minimal energy production the sonnenBatterie will cover the energy that you need with the energy produced the day before or in the daytime. This battery gives people the freedom to store the energy that they create during the day, when the energy production is at its highest, but energy usage is the lowest.

The sonnenBatterie ultimately creates peace of mind during the morning and night. The innovative technology will automatically detect when there is excess power being created, allowing you to store it for use at night. Not only that, but the smart battery gives you the option to engage in ‘rate arbitrage’ by storing energy when it is cheap and then running your home from the battery when the rates go up – saving you even more money.

You can also monitor, analyse and control your energy supply with the sonnen App, quite literally putting the control of your energy in your hands. Sonnen are making it easier and more appealing to become free from non-renewable energy, providing you with an unparalleled value of solar. Solar energy has always been a modern, efficient, technology-driven concept but Sonnen really seem to be taking it to complete new levels.

Sonnen are considered the leader for supplying power from renewable energies, perhaps most impressive of all is the introduction of the sonnenCommunity which allows all photovoltaic system operators to share surplus with one another. Boris von Bormon, the CEO of Sonnen, called the company “the Airbnb” of energy, which describes the innovative idea perfectly. Members are able to trade electricity among themselves, like they would a property . The prospect of a community becoming independent from the grid will probably be causing alarm in the current energy market, but that isn’t a bad thing. The German super company really have considered every single possibility and house – knowing that every single property has its own set of requirements; the battery has therefore been developed as a multi-storage system so that it can be adapted to fit every individual household – It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to power a family house or an apartment block.

Since the introduction of renewable energy, there has been a lot of research dedicated to keeping up with our demands for power. It can sometimes be a precarious course to try and make sure the lights stay on whilst trying to not produce and waste too much energy. This is why solar storage is so important – they are making the world’s transition to renewable energy sources a reality. The sonnenBatterie is a huge evolution from how energy has usually been delivered. The future looks extremely bright and exciting.

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