The Test of Time

The world of solar can sometimes be a bit of a mine field. Especially when it comes to choosing panels. Do you go for blue polycrystalline or black monocrystalline? Should you choose European panels or those made over in the Far East? Whatever the answers to these and other questions, there are 2 questions that should definitely be answered with a “Yes.”

The first such question is “Do I want a panel that will last me a minimum of 25 years?” Of course you do. You’re spending you’re hard earned money on a long term investment. You need to be certain the equipment can stand the test of time. This should be accompanied with the next obviously rhetorical question “ Do I want my panels to come from a company I know and trust and who I know will be around to honour warranties and guarantees?”. Clearly your answer to this question will also be a yes. Nobody can predict the future, and despite all best intentions, glitches may happen. Should that be the case, you want reassurance that your warranties and guarantees can be fulfilled.

LG panels are amongst the most reliable in the solar pv industry. The panels are tested often beyond industry standards before being used. They are checked for invisible cracks, put under large weight and even tested for vibration during transport. In addition, the panels are tested for resilience to hail, snow, salt and even fire. These tests ensure their panels will last and perform for the lifespan of your system.

Then there’s the company themselves. LG Electronics, a subsidiary of LG Corp. LG is a multi-billion pound global organisation. With a brand name that is known and trusted worldwide, together with the rigorous testing of their panels makes them an obvious choice for the solar consumer.

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