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Top 8 solar energy myths

  1. Solar panels do not work in cold, cloudy areas – UV light is all that is essentially required and even the cloudiest of places have surpassed these requirements. Germany, who is categorized as one of the lowest for sunny days, is the solar energy capital of the world. As a matter of fact, when the solar panels are cold they are capable of conducting electricity better.
  2. Solar systems are too costly – Solar energy installations are more reasonably priced than they have ever been before.
  3. Solar panels require regular maintenance – The panels barely need maintenance or preservation, on top of that the average warranty lasts 25 years!
  4. Solar systems are unattractive and large – Solar panels have gone from strength to strength over the years and now systems have grown into effectively seamless with solar shingles. The panels can be integrated with slate, metal, fibre-cement and asphalt roofing.
  5. The solar panels cannot endure harsh weather – The system has been proven to be effective, successful and maintenance free, even throughout the winter months. The colour of the solar panels is dark which helps in melting the snow. In addition to that a south facing position enables for a quickened process.
  6. Solar systems are undependable and inconsistent – In fact solar power systems can be more reliable than the utility company. They have no moving parts and off-grid systems are not subject to power outages.
  7. I cannot use solar energy because I don’t have a south facing roof – East/West roof exposure is also adequate enough for photovoltaic systems. Another alternative is a ground mounted system, for that all you would require is a relatively flat, unshaded area.
  8. Solar energy is wasteful – According to the Department of Energy, solar panel efficiency has more than quadrupled since the 1970s. With an average between 15 – 19% it rests in the same efficiency range as the gas in your car! Far from gas, the technology proceeds to advance, in succession, so will efficiency.

So, there it is in writing – These are all just myths!

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