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Urban Myth! How much sunlight solar panels require

We all know that the UK isn’t the sunniest place on the globe, yet here we are looking at Solar Panels and the question burning everyone’s lips is – Do Solar Panel’s only generate electricity when the sun is shining?

Solar panels convert natural daylight, opposed to sunlight to produce reusable electricity. The panels absorb the natural light, the clever little gizmo’s inside the panels then work with the inverter in your attic to produce you’re home generated electricity. Effectively, it can be sun shining, hailing or snowing and your panels will produce electricity.

If we were to say that direct sunlight does not have any impact in the production we would be lying, in fact direct sunlight and clear sky’s provide the optimum conditions for absorption. But even on a cloudy day, the solar panels will still absorb and produce usable energy.

It is worth noting that any additional electricity produced is currently sold back to the grid, whilst providing electricity for your own home you are also generating an additional TAX FREE income.
We know that this isn’t’ an investment or a decision that you will take lightly, therefore if you have questions about the type of panel we use, the angle of your roof, the regulations and guidelines that we follow before, during and after installation, please pick up the phone and call our team on 01772 694140 or leave us an enquiry via the Contact Us page.

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November 23, 2023

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