What happens after enquiring for solar?

Enquiring for solar is the very first step to contributing to a cleaner planet, as well as reducing your energy bills. But you may have asked yourself what happens after you’ve sent your enquiry to Contact Solar. We’ve put together this blog to give you a better understanding of what happens after you’ve enquired for solar with us.


Step 1 – We’ll learn more about you and your solar needs


Once we have received your enquiry – this could be via email, phone or by filling out our contact form on our website – we’ll double check all your details that have been entered are correct for our files. We then allocate your enquiry to one of our advisors who will learn more about your property location which is done at our Head Office, meaning no need for unnecessary visits.


Afterwards, your advisor will give you a call and go through the solar system that you have requested, give you expert advice and options for a system to suit your needs, location and property. This is when you either would like to think about what you’ve been offered, or request that we create a bespoke quotation for you.


Step 2 – We’ll create you a bespoke quote and conduct a survey


If you’re happy for us to create you a bespoke quote, we’ll begin this process. This includes entering your details, system specifications and any additional information into our specially designed quote template, which generates your quotation. This is then emailed over for you to review, and if there are any questions that you have or you’d like to tweak your quote, you can contact us to help with this.


Once the proposed quotation has been accepted, we will then pass you to our survey team who will arrange a date for the survey to be completed. The survey is undertaken by a qualified professional. Our surveyor will assess your property and take measurements of the proposed location of the solar equipment. Following the survey, you will receive a call from our pre-installation team to discuss the outcome of the survey. During this phone call, any changes will be discussed with you. If changes to the quotation have been made, you will receive an amended quotation. Your details will then be passed through to the scaffolding team.


Step 3 – We’ll arrange for scaffolding to be erected at your property


Our scaffolding team will liaise with our collection of professional scaffold companies who will arrange a date for the scaffolding to be erected on your property. The team will always ensure you’re up-to-date throughout this process to ensure it’s arranged for a time and date that suits you. 


We take great attention by ensuring the scaffolding is put up in the correct location of your property and is done with great care and precautions. Scaffolding could be on your property for four weeks, but we do aim to have this erected and dismantled as soon as possible.


Step 4 – We’ll begin installation of your solar system


The final stage of the process will be installation of your solar system. Our installation team will liaise with our solar team and an installation date will be created suitable for both our team and you. Once a date has been decided, we will then book this in. Normally an installation would take a full day, sometimes however, this may run slightly over and take two days instead. You will be fully informed of all installation timings and any changes as soon as they arise. 


Your system will be fully up and running from the moment our team leaves your property. From here, you will receive a follow up call for the handover process and for clearing payment. We only take payment after your installation is fully completed.


How should I maintain my solar panels?


More often than not, we get alot of questions regarding cleaning solar panels. Solar panels are designed with a protective coating on them, which helps prevent any build up of dirt or debris. The rain should be sufficient enough to clean them, however, if your panels are subject to a larger amount of dirt buildup (e.g. from trees, coastal locations or bird droppings), and you would like them cleaned, we would recommend that you hire a professional to do this. A local window cleaner would often offer this service and they don’t need to use any harsh chemicals, just warm soapy water.


Enquire for solar today


Now you’re aware of the full process from when you first start your solar journey with us, to the end of installation. We take great pride in ensuring all our customers are happy with their system and we have a dedicated team of technical and support assistants to help with any questions or queries that you may have after the installation has been completed.


Be sure to contact us today if you’re thinking about enquiring for a solar system at your property. You can also take a look at our full range of top quality solar products here.

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