Who Are Samil?

Samil Power Co Ltd. was founded in 2008 it emerged from the company Samil group who manufactured variable speed drivers and lift controllers they were founded in 1992. Samil Power Co. Is one of the largest inverter producers, they are well known for their high standard products excellent finish and fantastic customer service. A large percent of the business is marketing which is how even though they have only been around a short while they have a large percent of the market, and just keep growing with an excess of 700 employees to date.

Samil power covers a wide range of products from Micro Inverter to MW Stations, which help the customer to reduce the amount of time it takes to be paid back from the Solar PV system. Samil Power supplies all over the world and to date over more than 200,000 inverters have been sold and installed.

Over 200 engineers work daily researching and striving to produce the best product possible and keep the high standard finished product. Samil has two huge production facilities which are certified to international standards and with the rate of growth there maybe another large scale development coming up. The five main branches at the minute are located in Munich, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi and Suqian.

There has been over 1GW of installed inverter power using Samil Power products. They have an inverter to fit all from a small scale 6 panel system which would obviously use a much smaller KW inverter to a large scale 30 system which would require a much larger three phase inverter.

There are many different types of inverter such as the SolarPond, SolarLake and SolarRiver, the most common one used by our company on a domestic property is the SolarRiver 3680 KW as we are restricted and cannot go over the 4KW guideline in the UK.

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