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Why We Have Chosen To Use Sunmodule+ Solar Panels…

If you want a solar panel system installed it is always good to know what solar panels are going to be fitted on your home. Of course if you are going to pay a good amount of money for your new solar panels you would like to know if they are strong quality and if they are going to be efficient enough.


In this blog we will explain all you need to know about the sunmodule+ panels that we use and install.

Firstly, you still want your home to look attractive with solar panels installed on your roof and that’s one of the reasons we have chosen sunmodule+. The structured black surface and black module frames create a visual elegance and purity which achieves even the most challenging requirements in terms of design and architecture.

We use German quality standards. Fully-automated production lines and smoothly continuous monitoring of the process and material ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide.

With the new advanced Rheinland test “Power controlled” it is guaranteed that the performance indicated for a sunmodule+ solar panel is being met and that it is frequently monitored by the independent test service provider, TUV Rheinland. This additional security for investors and consumers is an added testament of SolarWorld’s commitment to extensive quality assurance.

SolarWorld Plus-sorting promises the highest system efficiency and effectiveness. Only modules that produce the assigned self-styles performance or greater in performance tests are dispatched.

25-years direct continuous performance guarantee and extension of product warranty to 10 years. SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance degression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years, a significant added value in contrast to the two-phase warranties common in the industry. Furthermore, SolarWorld is offering a product warranty, which has been extended to 10 years.

If you would like to invest in solar panels with us remember to try and do it before the 1st April 2014 as the government will be cutting Feed-in-Tariffs from that date! Call us on 01772 694160.

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