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A solar pv system can be a very profitable investment simply by itself. The energy generated saves money on not having to use grid bought energy. The surplus energy is distributed to the national grid and the customer receives a regular payment. All of this adds up to a rather tidy profit for anyone looking to invest in a solar pv system. There are, however, ways to make your solar pv system even more profitable.

As is common knowledge, any excess energy that’s left over from what a customer’s solar pv panels produce is fed back into the national grid. However, the payments will remain the same regardless of what energy is fed back. This means that the more self-generated energy that the customer uses, the less they will need to buy from the national grid. As a consequence, that will make solar pv more profitable. One way to achieve this is by installing a solar iboost which will use any excess energy to heat up the hot water in the home via an immersion heater.

Another way to make your solar panels work smarter and therefore be more profitable is to make as much use of your self-generated energy as possible. Of course common sense would say that using white goods in the daytime would achieve this. However, there is a more accurate device out there which will tell you just when the solar panels are performing at their peak. This product is the Geo Green Monitoring System. It comes with an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone so the customer knows exactly when to get the most of their solar pv system.

Solar pv is a fantastic investment on its own. With the correct care and management it can go even further than many potential solar pv customers thought was possible.

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