World’s largest solar-powered bridge

After almost five years of being developed, the world’s largest solar-powered bridge is now complete at Blackfriars Bridge across the River Thames in London! The panels were installed in a course of chapters over the past two years, they was delayed due to the 2012 Olympic Games, as they wanted to lessen the impact on the station during this time.

The roof of the bridge has been topped with 4,400 photovoltaic panels, supplying up to half of the energy for Blackfriars Station to help reduce emissions.

The panels are expected to cut carbon emissions by an estimated 511 tonnes a year, also, decreasing the carbon footprint of its train journeys to the South East of London.

The Managing Director of First Capital Connect, David Statham, commented saying “Electric trains are already the greenest form of public transport – this roof gives our passengers an even more sustainable journey and the distinctive roof has also turned our station into an iconic landmark visible for miles along the River Thames.”

On top of that, the bridge will operate as an extensive advertisement for London’s attempts to evolve into a sustainable city. Tourists and workers will be able to view the landmark as they enter London.

The Head of Commercial Sales for Solarcentury, Suzanna Lashford, said “The fact that it’s so visual is a real bonus I think as a statement, London often tries to be a sustainable city and I think it’s great from that point of view.”

“Network Rail has invested funds into the project is a great sign for the solar industry,” she added. “They’re an old English institution and they’re looking to the future to make investments into non-core technologies for the business, and that’s a great statement that other large corporations in the country can start realising.”

Hopefully, the scheme will inspire and influence larger infrastructure developers to embrace the benefits and advantages of renewable energy!

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